"Sheep to Shop" Trunk Show plus Spinning and Weaving Demo

"Sheep to Shop" Trunk Show plus Spinning and Weaving Demo

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"Sheep to Shop” – Trunk Show plus Spinning & Weaving Demonstration

Saturday, Oct 13th  1 p.m.

Instructor: Pamela Schultz

Fee:    $15 (Includes goody bag for all attendees)

Class Description:

Cloth is so ordinary, so essential to our day-to-day lives, that we often forget how important it is. Throughout human history, people have been making cloth from fibers. First the fiber must be gathered and cleaned. Next, it is spun into yarn. Finally, it can be woven into fabric. In this "Sheep to Shop" presentation, we'll talk about the historical importance of spinning and weaving, followed by an interactive demonstration of how each step in the process works.  Trunk Show is limited to 40 attendees!

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